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Wednesday, 12 March 2008


Max Records

·         It is the number of records that you want to keep in order to monitor all the incoming and outgoing mails from Mailenable. If this number is not specified, the log won’t be emptied, with a consequent loss of performances of the service 

Auto Delete Spam Mail and Spam Log      

Max Spam in Holder Folder

·         It is the number of mails blocked by the anti-spam filter and put into the folder SpamWordPH. When the maximum number is exceeded, the oldest spam is deleted in order to keep the latest one. If you don’t specify a number, you can delete mails manually.

·         Remember that a great number of log and spam has a bad influence on the system’s performance, that’s why we suggest you to set a number not over 10.000.   

Nr. Spam Statistic     

Enable Nr. Spam Statistic

·         When flagged, it gives you the possibility to see summary diagrams for month or year with the amount of spam received in order to make an analysis of the anti-spam filter.



Statistics The software shows 2 types of statistics: Phrases and Nr. Spam. 


lists the twelve most blocked sentences in the chosen period.

It’s possible to select different type of diagrams: linear, bars and so on for the representation.  

Nr.Spam.It represents a diagram with the number of mails blocked in the chosen period. If you choose *any* from the month drop, you’ll have an annual base diagram.


Last Updated ( Monday, 24 March 2008 )
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