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Written by Staff   
Monday, 25 February 2008

for more informations to All Avaiable Filters view filters sequence .


You can activate/deactivate  the following options:

Phrase Filter

  • WhiteBodyAndSubject
  • SpamWordSubject
  • SpamWordBody+Subject
  • SpamWordAttachments
  • SpamWordHeader
  • SpamWordFull
  • SpamWordKiller
  • SpamWordLanguage
  • SpamWordBL
  • SpamWordWL 

Block Blank Mail

  • Blank ‘From’Blank ‘To’
  • Blank ‘Subject’
  • Blank ‘Body’ 
The software was created so that filters are just simple text files, that can be edited with every editor program. The only rules you have to follow are:
  1. one sentence for every line or record
  2. sentences can be written in capital or small, so if you put ViaGra or viagra, for the system are not the same
  3. it is possible to insert dots, commas, dashes, asterisks, @s and every special character in every language as the software saves the txt files in Unicode format. If you use an editor like notepad, and you want to insert special characters, remember to save the file in Unicode format.
  4. the space bar is considered like a blank character, so filters’ll consider it for the tests.
  5. the number of sentences is unlimited but you need to know that it may influence the system’s performances
  6. it is possible to use the character “+” to specify the “And” condition. Consequently, if you type  Viagra+cialis, the system will block all mails containing both words while it will not block mails containing just one of those words or no one.

You can use the files you prefer if they respect the abovementioned points and, above all, it they respect a correct denomination.  

Check Authentication 

Check Authentication in Message from MyDomain (you must config Authentication in MailEnable !) 


  • White Body and Subject: 
    in the event that the message body or Subject contains the phrases contained in this filter the message will be accepted. 
  • you can invent a code and communicate to your customers, and then put it in the filter, so that all mail containing that code will be accepted.


  • White List: messages sent from domains or from the mails specified in this list will be automatically accepted as secure and consequently there is no control with the filters.  


  • Black List: on the contrary of the White List, messages sent from domains or from the mails specified in this list, will be automatically blocked and classified as Spam.


  • This is a very interesting filter that must be used to test the entire message. By saying “entire message” we mean also the content of attachments or of the attached images.

For example: if you want to test the content of characters in an image attachment we may write:  ycvKnpKbw72yxNXA2doywrjCnse0ztfWxN/l1NC

and the following message will be blocked like spam.  

Received: from ……

From: …….

To: ……………

Subject: I: !

Date: …………

MIME-Version: 1.0

Content-Type: multipart/related;image/gif;name="lexical.GIF"

Content-ID: part1......... 




Or it may be used to test some header like “Received-SPF: none” or ip addresses contained in the entire message.  


Sentences contained in this filter are used to control the message body and the subject.   


Sentences inserted in this filter, are used to control the subject of the message 


Sentences inserted in this filter are used to control names of attachments.

For example: if you want to  block all the mails with an .exe as attachment, you just have to write this sentence into the filter: .exe SpamWordHeader.txt

  • Sentences inserted in this filter, are used to control the Header of the message


  • All mails containing sentences of this filter are automatically deleted.


  • Through this filter, it is possible to block mails written with a particular set of characters.  

Refining the filters, you can block about the total amount of spam messages. Inserting appropriate sentences enables a good running of filters.   Now we are going to see how to manage these files: 

Click on the navigation menu and select “Filter”, then choose the filter you want to edit.


It is possible to modify values directly from the list double clicking the line or, if you need to delete one or more, select them and use the Del key. If you want to insert a new line, go at the bottom of the list and double click the empty line and insert the sentence. At the end of your changes, remember to save clicking the disk icon. In order to execute an ascending or descendant alphabetical ordering, click on the “Phrase” heading. If you don’t want to use the editing interface of SpamWordManager, you can open the document clicking the “open” icon and editing the file with notepad in windows.


Last Updated ( Tuesday, 23 September 2008 )
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